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Lifeline was established in 1980, and soon became the leading manufacturer and supplier of on board fire suppression systems to the motorsport industry. The first generation of systems produced by Lifeline were manufactured using Halon 1211 as the extinguishing agent; however, due to environmental pressures the manufacture of Halon ceased under the Montreal Protocol. Thus the race was on to devise an effective replacement for an extinguishing agent that had provided many years of valuable service. Lifeline took the pioneering route of introducing a lightweight, environmentally friendly, foam based extinguishant ZERO 2000. This is not just an extinguishant but also an integrated system, the compound itself being specially blended to cope with the rigorous demands of motorsport. Whereas previous extinguisher systems had been deployed through a simple conical nozzle, an integral part of the ZERO 2000 system is the specifically designed atomiser nozzle.The device divides the foam into minute particles, smothering the fire with a fine mist that forms an invisible seal over the target area, cooling and thus preventing re-ignition.
Lifeline Zero 2000 systems are constructed using only the finest materials and are supplied complete with all of the components required for a professional installation. It performed supremely well in engine fire tests, and thus has the full approval of the MSA, FIA and SCCA.
Lifeline's range of FIA' approved systems have been homologated by the FIA for use in International motorsport and has been awarded the homologation numbers EX.002.98 and EX.020.05. The FIA approval requires that the systems be tested to the FIA standard for plumbed in fire systems. These tests were witnessed by the British Standards Institute.


d Helds        
201-100-001 (LLH001) 1.00 litre AFFF Handheld (solid dip tube) Mechanical Kit content
201-100-002 (LLH002) 1.75 litre AFFF Handheld (solid dip tube) Mechanical Kit content
201-100-003 (LLH003) 2.40 litre AFFF Handheld (solid dip tube) Mechanical Kit content
201-100-004 (LLH004) 2.40 litre Dumpy Handheld   (flexible dip tube) Mechanical Kit content
201-100-005 (LLH005) 2.40 litre Slimline Handheld  (flexible dip tube) Mechanical Kit content
201-100-006   0.6 litre Alcohol Foam Belt Monted Extinguisher Mechanical  


201-100-001 Extinguisher ideal for your road car, trailer, caravan or workshop. This extinguisher is not approved for use in motorsport
201-100-002 Extinguisher for national rallying or pre 31/12/60 historic racing

Hand Held Extinguisher for international rallying

201-100-004 Extinguisher for international rallying but fitted with a flexible dip tube so it can be operated on its side or even upside down
201-100-005 As per LLH004 but with a slimline cylinder to allow greater flexibility when packaging within the confines of the modern competition vehicle
  with a flexible clip tube.




Fire Marshal Systems are mechanical in operation being activated by strategically placed pull cables. The fire marshal valve is a high quality hand held commercial valve that has been modified by Lifeline to allow total discharge and fitting of pull cables.
Zero 2000 Plumbed-in System
101-225-002 (LLS10026) 2.25 Fire Marshal Mechanical Mechanical Kit content
101-225-001 (LLS10026 C) 2.25 Club Fire Marshal Mechanical  Mechanical Kit content
101-225-003 (LLS10026SL) 2.25 Fire Marshal Slimline Mechanical Mechanical Kit content
101-225-004 (LLS10029 /S) 2.25 Electric (Saloon Car) Electrical Kit content
101-225-005 (LLS10029 /R) 2.25 Electric (Formula Car) Electrical Kit content
101-225-006 LLS10029 /SL/S 2.25 Electric Slimline (Saloon Car) Electrical Kit content
101-225-007 LLS10029 /SL/R 2.25 Electric Slimline (Formula Car) Electrical Kit content



Electric systems are activated by pressing a strategically mounted momentary push button. Using a military specification actuator to detonate the extinguisher, the actuator protracts a steel pin upon activation breaking a frangible seal in the neck of the cylinder and thus discharging the contents. All electrical systems have their own independent power supply called a power pack that has facilities for checking the battery strength and circuit continuity as well as giving a visible indication that the system is armed.
Zero 2000 Plumbed-in System
102-400-002 FIA002 4.0 Fire Marshal Mechanical (Aluminium Cylinder) * Mechanical Kit content
102-400-003 FIA004 4.0 Electric * Electrical Kit content
102-312-001 FIA005 3.12 Electric Dual Chamber * Electrical Kit content
Preferably Electrical - 2.0 litres to discharge to engine compartment and 2.0 litres to discharge to cockpit
Electrical dual chamber - 2.0 ltr. discharge to engine compartment & 1.12 ltr. discharge to the cockpit  (*=FIA APPROVED)





The Lifeline range of Zero 360 gas car fire extinguishers are the result of over three years research and development. Zero 360 represents a major step forward in motorsport safety, convincingly passing the FIA tests conducted by the British Standards Institute and observed by the MSA
The range of systems has been awarded FIA homologation numbers Ex.017.03 & Ex.019.05.
Zero 360 has moved the boundaries of motorsport car fire extinguishers. Using only the finest materials in both its construction and installation kit this system performed extremely well in the FIA tests for plumbed in fire systems which were witnessed by the British Standard Institute.
The Zero 360 range of car fire extinguishers are significantly smaller and lighter than the current generation of FIA approved foam systems offering far better packaging within the confines of the modern competition vehicle
FIA Approved
Lightweight and compact
2.25kg or 3kg of gaseous extinguishant
High quality
Constant discharge in any orientation
Excellent fire knock down and fire out capabilities
Two year service cycle
The choice of world championship winning constructors



Zero 360 Hand Helds     Height Diameter O. Pressure
203-100-001 1.0kg Hand Held # 341 90 7
203-100-102 2.0kg Hand Held   375 108 7
203-100-103 3.0kg Hand Held   484 108 7

# not Car Motorsport approved




Zero 360 Electric Remote Charge (Piston)

104-225-001 2.25 kg Remote Charge (Piston)  4+2 nozzles * Electric kit content
104-300-001 3.00 kg Remote Charge (Piston) 4+2+2 nozzles * Electric kit content
. .   . .
. *=FIA APPROVED   . .
.     . .


Zero 360 Remote Electric CD

104-225-002 2.25 kg Remote Charge (CD)  4+2 nozzles * Electric .kit content
104-300-002 3.00 kg Remote Charge (CD)  4+2+2 nozzles * Electric .kit content
. *=FIA APPROVED   . .
.     . .


Zero 360 Stored Pressure Mechanical

104-225-003 2.25 kg Stored Pressure Mechanical 4+2 nozzles * Mechanical kit content
104-225-004 2.25 kg Stored Pressure Electric  4+2 nozzles * Electric .kit content
. .   . .
. *=FIA APPROVED   . .
.     . .